About us

Judaism for Schools provides lively and engaging workshops and assemblies that bring Judaism and Jewish history to life.
Our director and lead educator, Ruth Jampel, brings her extensive knowledge and enthusiasm to the classroom.

  • Our open manner encourages questions and discussion
  • Community cohesion is at the heart of what we do, making explicit links with Christianity and Islam, emphasising what we share rather than what separates us
  • Positive impact on interfaith relations, pupils’ self-knowledge, and their sense of self
  • British values of mutual respect, tolerance, and individual liberty are stressed
  • We meet your curriculum needs in a fast-paced engaging manner
  • Authentic artefacts, clothing and craft activities bring the sessions alive
  • Students get the chance to ask those questions that text books and the internet can’t answer!
  • SACRE and Diocese of Westminster learning objectives are met

Ruth Jampel PGCE, BA Hons
Director / Lead Educator, Judaism for Schools

Judaism for Schools

  • Over 25 years teaching experience in London schools
  • 4 years at The Jewish Museum London delivering workshops and outreach sessions across all age groups
  • Inter-faith work with Shared Futures, Nissa-Nishim Muslim/Jewish Women’s Leadership and J-Core, the Jewish Council for Racial Equality
  • Holocaust Educator and workshop leader
  • Community educator and youth manager
  • Active member of Muswell Hill United Synagogue
  • Member of JHub, social action organisation

Ruby Rosenthal
General Administrator

    • Ruby has extensive experience working with children and young people
    • Teaching Assistant at Jewish Sunday School
    • Youth Group Leader on Residential Trips
    • Public Speaking at Local Schools
    • Currently Studying at Bristol University and works freelance at Judaism For Schools

We also have a small hand-picked team of experienced teachers and volunteers, all with full DBS clearance.

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