Judaism For Schools offers three in-school workshops relating to Jewish festivals. Please click on the workshop titles below to reveal further details.

  • How is the festival of Passover celebrated?
  • What is the symbolism behind the seder meal?
  • Why do we still celebrate freedom now?

Students reflect on the concept of freedom and consider modern-day slavery, whilst experiencing the seder meal.

  • How is ‘Rosh Hashanna’, the Jewish New year, celebrated?
  • WHY is a ram’s horn (shofar) blown?
  • WHICH symbolic foods are eaten?
  • WHAT is the significance of the 25 hour fast?
  • Consider the ideas of forgiveness and repentance
  • Reflect on our own actions and resolutions

Students have the opportunity to taste festival foods, blow the shofar, try on ritual clothing and handle scrolls and Jewish artefacts.

  • Why do Jewish people eat apple and honey at Rosh Hashanna?
  • When is no leavened bread to be eaten?
  • What do Hannukah doughnuts remind us of?
  • Which other faiths and cultures place food at the centre of their traditions?

Through a hands-on mouths-open approach, students get the chance to deepen their knowledge of some key Jewish festivals – an enjoyable way to revise knowledge of the Jewish calendar

If you would like to find out more about this in-school workshop, how we deliver it and how we can tailor it to meet your exact requirements, please call us on 07714 480510, or use the contact form here.

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