Exploring Judaism

Judaism for Schools offers six varied, interactive in-school “exploring Judaism” workshops. These are designed to be engaging and fun, and provide students with the chance to interact with real Jewish artefacts and a Jewish educator too.

  • What is in the Torah?
  • How is a Torah made?
  • Where is it kept and how is it treated?
  • Why is it still at the centre of Jewish life?

In this in-school workshop pupils have the chance to handle scrolls and prayer shawls, examine and draw mezuzot, write in Hebrew, and learn songs!

Pupils will make connections between Judaism and other religions.

  • WHY do Jewish people rest on the 7th day?
  • HOW do they celebrate this special day?
  • WHAT can be found on the Shabbat table?
  • Discover why the Sabbath day is still so central to Jewish family life.
  • Lay the Sabbath table, try traditional Challah bread, learn some Shabbat songs and reflect on special days from other religions and cultures.

Come on a journey around a Jewish home.

  • HOW is a kosher kitchen arranged?
  • WHERE would you find a mezuzah?
  • WHAT special items would you find on display?

Find out what being Jewish means, by exploring the everyday items found in a Jewish home.

Understand how family, food and custom are at the heart of Jewish life.

  • WHAT would you find in a Jewish place of worship?
  • WHY do people face East?
  • HOW do people dress for prayer?

Discover the importance of synagogues to Jewish people, and draw links with key features in other places of worship.

  • What does a bar/bat mitzvah involve?
  • What is the Jewish approach to birth, youth, marriage and death?
  • Why is a glass smashed at a Jewish wedding?
  • Find out how the teachings of the Torah inform Jewish youth on how to conduct their lives.
  • Learn more about approaches to charity, prayer and rituals through handling texts, artefacts and beautiful wedding certificates.
  • Reflect on our changing identities as we develop and consider how traditions adapt to modern life.
  • Why is the Shema prayer so central to Jewish people?
  • Who was the first patriarch to pray to one G-D?
  • How do all 3 main monotheistic religions relate to G-D and prayer?
  • Where would you find the Shema in a Jewish home?

In this hands-on “Exploring Judaism” workshop, students examine scrolls, mezuzahs and clothing connected to this central Jewish prayer, and discuss whether it is still relevant in today’s changing world.


If you would like to find out more about this in-school “Exploring Judaism” workshop, how we deliver it and how we can tailor it to meet your exact requirements, please call us on 07714 480510, or use the contact form here.


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