Stories from the Old Testament

Judaism For Schools offers three workshops relating to Jewish Education and stories of the Old Testament. Please click on the workshop titles below to reveal further details.

  • What happens in the Old Testament story of creation?
  • Where can we find it in the Torah?
  • How is the day of rest celebrated by Jewish people nowadays?
  • Bring this traditional bible story to life and re-enact a family Friday night meal.

This Jewish Education workshop is especially suited to Foundation and Year 1.

  • Who were Abraham and Sarah?
  • Why are they considered the founders of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths?
  • How do Jewish people carry on his teachings?
  • Discover key events in the life of Abraham and Sarah and the importance of the Oneness of G-D to Jewish people.
  • Examine scrolls, mezuzahs and other artefacts.
  • What were the key events in his life?
  • Why is he considered the most important Jewish prophet?
  • Discover the amazing events and miracles surrounding his life via songs, artefacts and texts

If you would like to find out more about this in-school Jewish Education workshop, how we deliver it and how we can tailor it to meet your exact requirements, please call us on 07714 480510, or use the contact form here.

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