Autumn Term 2022 has got off to a great  start. Alongside visiting many new and regular schools ,I’ve been busy celebrating Jewish New Year, Yom Kippur and Tabernacles.
At Rosh Hashanna/  Jewish year  we eat many traditional auspicious sweet foods, with the hope that our year will be full of sweetness and goodness.

The current year, ( the Jewish year of 5783), is looking like being our busiest ever, with bookings coming up all across London and the South East, as well as Bolton, Northamptonshire, The Isle of Wight , and beyond.Its a wonderful perk of my job to visit so many  lovely places in England, and I’m always really moved by the welcome I receive wherever I go and the opportunity to learn from the people I encounter .

Beyond teaching,Judaism for Schools continues to be involved with Interfaith work and communal social action projects.
I’m taking part in the Theus multi-faith  research project into attitudes towards death and the afterlife , am involved with the  Muswell Hill Welcomes initiative in which  Muswell Hill Methodist Church and Muswell Hill Synagogue supports a group of asylum seekers, whilst I   continue to deepen the synagogue’s   relationship with our brothers and sisters at the Wightman Road Mosque.

Meanwhile I  wish all our Hindu,Jain and Sikh friends a Happy Diwali and look forward to working  with many more young people and adults over the coming months.

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