Jewish Festivals

Judaism For Schools offers three workshops relating to Jewish festivals. Please click on the workshop titles below to reveal further details.

  • WHY is no bread eaten during the festival of Passover?
  • WHAT was life like for the Children of Israel in Ancient Egypt?
  • WHICH symbolic foods do you eat at home?
  • Re-enact the story of the exodus from Egypt.
  • Experience the Seder meal.
  • Discover the meaning behind the ritual foods.
  • Consider what freedom means to us.
  • How is ‘Rosh Hashanna’, the Jewish New year, celebrated?
  • WHY is a ram’s horn (shofar) blown?
  • WHICH symbolic foods are eaten?
  • WHAT is the significance of the 25 hour fast?
  • Consider the ideas of forgiveness and repentance.
  • Reflect on our own actions and resolutions.

Students have the opportunity to taste Jewish festival foods, blow the shofar, try on ritual clothing and handle scrolls and artefacts.

  • Why do Jewish people light the 9 branched menorah each winter?
  • How do they remember the miracles of Hanukkah?
  • Which games and foods are used to celebrate?
  • Re-enact the Hanukkah story, make your own festive candles, sample festive food.

Students learn about the importance of religious freedom through the Hanukkah story, as well as enjoying highlights of the festival.

If you would like to find out more about our Jewish Festivals in-school workshops, how we deliver it and how we can tailor it to meet your exact requirements, please call us on 07714 480510, or use the contact form here.

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